Reddit astrology

Reddit astrological subreddit Astrology in Australia has welcomed the addition of astrology to its list of topics.

The Astrological Australia subreddit posted the astrolabeses of Reddit users in the UK, the US and Australia to be featured in a video by the site.

Redditors are asked to comment on topics including weather, birthdays, death, health, relationships and holidays.

Users can submit images and videos for submission.

“This is our way of acknowledging that Redditors like us can contribute to the astrology community in an incredibly positive way,” the Reddit forum post said.

“We hope that other subreddits and communities will take note of this and join us in honoring our users’ contributions to the community by including them in future videos.”

Reddit’s astrology subreddit currently has over 1,000 posts.

The video also highlights Reddit’s astrolabe system, which lets users create a custom chart for their own astrolabel.

“Astrology is a science, so we have an extensive collection of astrolabiels available for our users,” Reddit said.