How to spot a fake astrology cafe

The name of a real Astrology Cafe is now a thing.

The website, whose name is being contested, has been around for about three years now, and it offers astrology readings and reviews for the price of a cup of coffee.

But now, as the Inquisitr previously reported, the website is being taken down for the good.

The site, called Astrology Café, was created to help astrologers find real-world astrology venues.

It was founded by astrologer and astrology professor Mark Schaller, who has a YouTube channel where he reviews various astrology books.

The astrology café was an experiment for Schallers astrology class.

He had a class with his students where they were instructed to read out the names of real-life Astrology Cafés.

In one of the classes, students were told to look for the Astrology Caffeine Café, where you can get a drink with a real coffee, or to look up the Astrologer Cafe on Yelp.

When they looked up Astrology Coffee Café, they found the café had closed, but the Astrological Café was still open, the Inquisito reported.

“I thought it was pretty interesting to see what was going on with Astrology,” Schallert told the InquisITr.

The Astrology Café closed, and Astrology Review was shut down.

Now, Astrology Reviews is offering the service again, but only for $5 a day, according to Schallering.

However, the astrology coffee and the Astrophysics Cafe are still up on the website.

Astrology reviews are becoming more popular and are being offered on websites like Yelp, where they are also now being called astrology reviews.

“We’re a new trend and it’s changing the way we review and find out about the books and the books are going to be more like reviews,” said Schalling.