Why Scorpio is a ‘very powerful’ astrological sign

A lot of people are thinking about the meaning of Scorpio.

Some are worried it’s the sign of a person’s ability to cope with stress, others say it’s about the fact that it’s a good sign for health, while others say Scorpio means a great deal to them.

But what are the actual reasons for thinking about Scorpio?

Why are people taking this astrology sign into their daily lives?

We asked Dr David Houghton, an astrologer and astrology expert, to explain what he thought about it.

He said: ‘Scorpio is very powerful because it can be very powerful to someone who’s not as smart as they should be.

And that’s because it’s really quite a potent sign.’

So it’s important to remember that Scorpio, when you see it, can mean so much.

And I think people tend to use that sign in a very specific way.’

There are people who think they’re really smart and they’ve got a great idea of themselves.

They’ve got their best idea of how they want to do things, how they’re going to be.’

Then they’ll use that to get their head around the problems they’ve been facing.

And they’ll try to figure out how they can solve those problems.

So Scorpio really is a very powerful sign.’

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