New book claims to be ‘Astrological guide’ to marriage and birth

T he latest book, “Astrology in America: The Evolution of Marriage, Birth, and the End of Divorce,” is an astrological book for married couples, says author and former astrologer James Babbitt.

“You can find out exactly what the planets are in your marriage and what your family are, and you can look at the planets and see how the planets affect your family dynamics,” he said.

“What are the planets doing in your life, your relationships, your marriages, and your kids?”

Babbits book, titled “What’s The Planets Thinking About Today?” is based on his best-selling book, The Book of the Gods: A Modern Astrological View of the Universe, published by The Free Press in 2011.

The book is now available for pre-order on

Babbett, the former chief financial officer for Astrology Inc., said he’s been surprised by the wide acceptance of astrology in the U.S. He said he and his wife had an astrology practice for three decades.

“I always wanted to be able to see the world through their eyes and I’ve been amazed by how much of the world is shaped by astrology,” he told CBS News.

“It’s a very powerful tool for anyone in any field, whether you’re an astrologers, a physician, or a lawyer, whether it’s for your business or your spiritual practice.”

A former student of Babbetts astrology told CBS that she found the book “very entertaining and entertaining in its own right” and was especially excited about the fact that it wasn’t written for people who want to learn about astrology for the first time.

“We’re all looking for a quick fix for getting through the day and have a great relationship and that’s what astrology is for,” said the former student, who asked that CBS not use her name.

“The whole idea of astrology is to find out how you can improve your relationship and improve your relationships with others, that’s the idea.

I’ve heard so many people say they don’t want to listen to astrology, that they want to be totally focused on their own life and relationships, but I think that’s just so ignorant and ridiculous.”

The former student added that the book makes it seem like astrology and marriage are like “an all-or-nothing proposition.”

“I can’t understand how people can get this wrong,” she said.

Babitt, who teaches astrology at the University of Washington, said he has also been surprised at the positive reception of the book.

“There is this idea that astrology just says it’s all about marriage, and I’m not saying it’s not, I’m just saying it can be a tool for your marriage,” he explained.

“When I was doing this study, I was surprised that so many of the women said they thought it was a great way to help them feel better about themselves and their relationship and their marriage and their marriages.”

Babbott said his book, which includes astrological material, was based on more than 100 interviews he conducted with couples in his native England and other countries, as well as online astrologie forums.

He noted that some of the interviews were conducted in his own time.

The author has also written books about astrologiology, including “A Guide to Astrology and Marriage,” and “The Astrology Bible,” which was published in 2007.

The “Astrologie” and “Astrologie” books are available for purchase on Amazon and the company’s website.

CBS News’ David Wojnarowski contributed to this report.