Stellarium, the crypto-currency that has a future for humanity

Stellarium has raised $1.3 million in funding to expand its cryptocurrency offerings.

The company’s founders say it plans to use the funds to further its product and build a blockchain-powered payment system.

The Stellarium blockchain will be used to manage and verify the ownership of cryptocurrencies in the Stellarium platform.

Stellarium is an open source blockchain platform with decentralized peer-to-peer payments for Stellarium tokens.

The startup, which has a $7 million Series B funding round, has been working to develop the Stellarum platform since 2014.

The first Stellarium token, the Stellari, was launched in October 2016 and is valued at $1,500.

This was a token that was a fraction of the value of a traditional coin.

Stellari tokens have a long history, dating back to 2014, when they were created to provide Stellarium users with a digital currency that was secure and untraceable.

The tokens were also intended to provide a secure platform for the creation of the Stellaris crypto-currencies.

Stellaris are not yet in use, and the tokens are being traded on exchanges, such as the market.

The new funds will be put to use by Stellarium to expand the company’s product.

“We have a great team, which will focus on growing the Stellarcoin ecosystem,” said Stellarium CEO Daniel Crescenzi.

“As we continue to grow and invest in our products, we believe it is important for us to be able to create a blockchain platform for our users, allowing them to earn Stellaris.”

Cresci said Stellaris tokens will be the foundation of Stellarium’s future payments system, which he said will enable users to earn tokens through a variety of applications.

Stellarii will provide a means to pay for Stellaris transactions using Stellarium-based payment systems.

The platform will allow users to set their own token balance and transfer it between Stellarium accounts.

The funds will also be used by Stellarii to launch a new product, a payment system, that will provide the same functionality, but in a new form.

“The Stellarium payment platform is currently a proof-of-concept and we will work to add new functionality,” said Cresca.

“This product will allow Stellarium customers to make transactions on a global scale through an automated process, making the Stellaria system much more secure and easy to use.”

The Stellari token has a high trading volume on the Etherium market, with some investors seeing a significant increase in the price of the token over the past two weeks.

This is due to investors buying and selling on the platform, creating a market for the Stellarii token.

The trading volume of Stellari has also increased significantly over the last week, with its price at the time of writing climbing from $1 to $1.,200 per coin.

Investors are looking for a stable market for Stellari as the company moves forward, with a price of around $1 per coin in early 2018.

Stellaria is working on several other projects, including a new cryptocurrency, which is called “Star”.

“Star” will be a decentralized digital asset that will be created by the Stellarians in the future, and will be based on the Stellarion platform.

Star will provide users with the ability to make cryptocurrency transactions through the Stellarian network, which they will control.

The Star token will be built on top of the Ripple blockchain, which was recently launched by Ripple Labs.

The Ripple blockchain has a long and well-known history of development.

In November 2018, Ripple announced the introduction of its blockchain to the world.

The release of Ripple’s blockchain was the first major step towards creating a decentralized, globally accessible and secure cryptocurrency.

Ripple is also working on a cryptocurrency that will replace Stellaris in the world, with the Stellarix blockchain.

The “Star token” is expected to be released in early 2019.