How to watch a Super Bowl Sunday on CBS News channel (part one)

A week after his team defeated the New England Patriots, Tom Brady took the stage at Super Bowl 50.

While the Patriots were victorious, Brady had his own pregame party and celebration, which he hosted on his own Twitter account.

Here’s what you need to know about the star QB and the party he hosted:1.

Tom Brady did not host his own Super Bowl party.

Instead, the Patriots star QB hosted a party at his home in a house that is named after his son, Brady Jr. and was reportedly designed to honor Brady’s “heart and soul” and “bless his soul.”

According to Brady’s wife, Jane, the party included food and drinks, as well as an after-party.

According to a source close to the family, the invitation was sent to Brady by someone in the Patriots organization.

The invitation was shared on Twitter by someone else, and the source says that the tweet was shared by Brady Sr.

The invitation also says that a “super bowl party” was “planned for Sunday,” according to the source.

The Patriots, of course, beat the Patriots 41-17 to claim their third Super Bowl title in the past four seasons.

They have never lost in Super Bowl 51.2.

This party was meant to honor Tom Brady’s heart and soul.

According the New York Post, the family decided to celebrate Brady’s son, whom he married in 2010, with a “heartwarming” party, which included “fruits and treats, snacks, a big backyard BBQ and more.”

The party was also held on the Brady’s house, according to reports.

According a person close to Brady, the invite was sent out to Brady Jr., his wife and his children.

The person said that the invitation had been sent to him by someone named “John,” and it was then shared on Brady’s Twitter account by someone who had the same username as the original tweet.3.

The invite was a joke, not meant to be taken seriously.

According one source close the Brady family, when the invitation went out, the tweet included the following message: “Happy #SuperBowlParty for my little boy, Brady, and his little sister, Emma.

I am so proud of you both.”

The source added that the party was “designed to honor my heart and the soul.”4.

The party included “sick kids.”

The New York Daily News reported that the family planned the party as a “sad” way to honor their “deadly” child.

The family’s “deadliest” child, a 6-year-old girl, was one of the four people killed in the Super Bowl-winning Patriots.

The girl, who is believed to be in critical condition, was killed when a bomb exploded in the hotel room of her father, John Brady.5.

The house is named for a Brady daughter.

According on his Twitter account, John was also the designer of the house, which was designed to resemble the Brady house from the show, House of Cards.

The New England Herald reported that John “loved the idea” of the party.

The New England family was also inspired by the Brady household’s “soul and soul,” according the newspaper.6.

The parties are not being held at Brady’s own home.

Instead, the house is being named after “his late daughter, Emma Brady,” according one of his children’s friends.7.

The Super Bowl will be held on Sunday night, not Monday.

According another source close a Brady family member, John had a vision of the Patriots taking the Super Big Ball to New Orleans on Sunday.

The Patriots beat the New Orleans Saints 38-20 to claim the Super Series title.

The team then won Super Bowl XLVIII.

The host city for the Superbowl, according the source, is Houston.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Brady’s home is located in a home that was built by his family, which includes John Brady’s children.8.

It’s not known if the party is for John Brady or Emma Brady.

According his son’s friend, John Sr. also attended the party and wanted to honor his late daughter.

John Jr. told the Houston Chronicle that the “party” was to honor Emma Brady and her “heart” and that “it was meant for all the people in New Orleans.”

The family’s next Super Bowl is set for March 5.