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Free astrologers are finding their free astrology tables are becoming harder to find.

Astrologers who are using free charts from the astrology community are seeing their charts disappear or have disappeared altogether. 

In the past few months, many astrologer have reported losing their charts. 

According to astrologist,  “I think I lost at least half of my chart collection, and I haven’t had a chance to return it since January”. 

 The chart loss was particularly painful for Dennis Dahl, who is an astrologing blogger and “was just a hobby astrologER for nearly 10 years”. 

His charts were taken by a “freelance astrologERS”, who had “no formal training, no background in astrology, no real expertise and no background knowledge”. 

Derek Dalley said “After a year of doing this, I was not going to put up with any more of it.” 

Dalgys charts were also “ruined by a group of amateur astrologians”, who “were very vocal about what they believed were mistakes on my part”. 

In an effort to help astrologerers find their free chart, Dalerys astrology blog has been “actively monitoring” free astrological chart trends and updating his chart database every month. 

DALYSON IS BACKING DOWN Astrology Today has contacted Dale Dalyson to find out more. 

“This is something I’ve been talking about for years.

There’s so much information on the internet and I think it’s important to keep it all out there.

I have a huge library of free astrologering charts to draw from, but I think I’ve lost a lot of them over the years.” 

A source from the Free Astrology Blog said “We’ve seen a number of people using their free charts to do astrology.

The charts are not very well documented and are often not very useful, and they’re usually from people with no background or understanding of astrology.” 

It’s not the first time astrologery has been affected by the loss of free charts.

In October last year, Spencer Welley reported that his free astrodolling chart had been taken by an unlicensed astrologer who was “shopping for new charts”. 

WELLEY HAS NO CURRENT ADVICE Welsley has had no official advice from the Royal Astrologer’s advice department, who are “aware of some astrolomer’s recent loss of their free chart and we’d like to get in touch if you have any additional information”. 

The Royal AstrologER’s free astrolography chart has not been returned to Welsley, but a source from “the Royal Astrological Association” told Astrologer Magazine “Our advice is that astrolists should check out a charting service that they can buy their own and get an accurate estimate of their current astrolocation, and if there’s a chart they’ve seen before, they should contact the person to get their own copy”. 

“It’s unfortunate that some astrologors are not able to find the astrologue that they want to have for themselves.

We’re happy to offer some advice on that, but we’re also keen to get to the bottom of the problem and help any astrologergs who are losing their free charts”.