3rd house chart has been replaced with astrology

A new chart has replaced the previous astrology guide which had a chart listing the house that an astrologer’s predictions would fall on.

A reader emailed the CBC News to report the chart had been removed from the website.

The astrologers’ predictions on the chart were shown on the home screen.

“It was the way it was presented and what the text would look like,” the reader said.

The house chart was removed on Tuesday morning.

Astrology, a newsletter from the Astrology Society of Canada, has been the guide for the last 15 years.

Astrologers used to write charts listing the home of their most favoured planets and planets of the sun, planets of earth, stars and other stars.

But last year, the guide was removed due to a new system being developed that made the astrology charts more accurate.

The new system is a chart for the 3rd House.

The system shows the home and its location on the zodiac.

The third house is the area that the planets of our solar system orbit.

In the new system, planets are shown on an ellipse instead of a dot.

Astrological charts are often used by astrologists to help predict a person’s future happiness and success.

The chart is also used by people who wish to find the best health insurance.