Astrology is a good way to help your children learn to feel safe about their bodies

By Astrology’s newest star, a woman who recently won the heart of one of the country’s most famous stars, the country is going to be more astrologically aware.

The next step for Astrology, according to Astrology USA, is to introduce a program that will teach children how to be safe with their bodies and how to use astrology as a way to better understand their minds and bodies. 

Astro is a new national program that is intended to teach children to be open to the universe, said AstrologyUSA co-founder and CEO Dr. Susan Korsmeyer.

The program, which will launch in 2017, will start with a workshop for students at local schools and will expand to include a “teaching space” for parents who are interested in teaching astrology to their children.

Korsmeyer said parents will be able to select the type of lessons they want to teach, such as a history lesson on birth chart and a health lesson on heart rate.

It’s important to note that this is not a teaching program.

The aim is to help parents become more familiar with the signs of health and mental health, she said.

Astrology students will also learn to use the astrological chart and how the planets align to help them learn about their health, said Kors Meyer.

She added that Astrology could help teach astrology more effectively to children who are more likely to be affected by mental health issues. 

AstrologyUSA also has plans to teach parents how to create astrological charts and charts that are not based on birth charts.

“We’re going to create the charts for parents to do their own astrology and have their own chart,” said Kers Meyer. 

The program will teach parents to create charts that do not use birth charts, such a chart that is based on a star chart that doesn’t align with the birth chart. 

“We’re doing that because we don’t want kids learning to trust us that we know what the sign means,” Kors said.

The plan is to work with local organizations to bring astrology into schools, and to introduce the program to a wider audience.

The Astrology Project at The University of Wisconsin is already working with schools to teach kids how to understand the signs in their astrology chart.

“They’re teaching kids that astrology is not about finding out the stars,” said co-director Lisa Sjodin.

“It’s about being a person.”

Astrology has been around for thousands of years, but it’s been only recently that people are starting to recognize the benefits of using it in the classroom.

“People are starting, they’re saying, ‘This is the way we use it and this is the best way we can use it,’ ” said Sjodsin.

That’s because Astrology works in conjunction with other scientific disciplines, including chemistry, physiology, psychology, anatomy, and neuroscience. 

This article originally appeared in Fortune Magazine on March 13, 2017.